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Tate turning the world upside down in LVC17

The man with all the patience is playing his consistent game and now finds himself atop the leader board 30 points clear. No win yet for the man but two second place finishes have seen him overtake all who have won games and he has yet to finish in the bottom half of the points in any game yet. Congratulations goes out to Heather who took this installment down.

Chris found it a frustrating day with every monster he had walking into a bigger monster. Notable absences were Kjell who was probably not taking a bye but just overslept and Ben who is still trying to use a scourer to remove NYC social diseases. I told him it was just lipstick.

All eyes are now on the next 3 games all at Jules's whilst he plans his escape to where Adele gets laid.

The top of the leader board is obviously full of all the players that are yet to take a bye. Beware that Alex fellow! Played only 2 games for a win and a 4th and is only 100 points off the lead. He's my bet for the top honors this year but I'm sure there are 8 others with something to say about that. Heather too as she is only 15 points away from him so watch out! When asked how Heather felt after her most recent win in the Morgan heads up duel she was reported to say "Fucken fuck".

This is Tate. We are the world. Therefore we are upside down and he is not. Viva Las Vegas!

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