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I started playing Texas Holdem poker in 2006 when I was invited by Anthony St Ange of Poker Times Fun Casino to a small bar in Brunswick called Lady Luck. They were crazy times and packed tables every night yet the prizes only consisted of small trophies and competitive pride.


My how the game changes but a majority of the people I met back then have joined me on the journey since. Those people, especially Anthony are now some of my closest friends.  This crazy crew never fail to surprise me as to their warmth, generosity and sense of humour.


Its been a mixture of highs and lows and thus far, our crew has survived 3 heart attacks, a wedding, 5 kids and a elected early departure.


To this day my favourite day of the month is the first Sunday when we all meet. It starts off all hugs and kisses but soon turns into a sledging furore that is pretty much non stop laughter. I have no idea how we complete a game of poker with all the side bets, heckling and if there is any form of sport of racing on...forget about it.


It has gotten to the stage that Las Vegas is most of our second homes. It's a great excuse to get there and as much as we could change it to another location, it wouldn't be the greatest poker destination on earth.

To think I started playing 7 card stud with  my Dad and his work crew on Friday nights when I was 12, I think the game has treated me well. Parenting was not his number one talent.


Through the game I have not only identified who the quality people I like to engage with, but it's a great way to filter out the flaky characters too. 


I think this format of the game is the best yet and is one I am proud to keep rolling along with the keen support of others.


Much of the credit has to go to Leo Cai who called me one day many years ago with an idea for a game for the Aussie Millions. I messaged around and the game filled up in under 40 minutes. Since then the game was taken offshore to the mecca of poker and we have not looked back since. The fact that there is an envoy of at least 3 players each year from our group going to the World Series is incredible. 

There is a significant win brewing in the wind for our crew and I'm pumped to see who it is. I had the same feeling before when I sensed it the year Dave cashed and I sense it again. 


Dave's play that year was incredible and you could see that he was not phased by the shiny city so much and was just there to play the game. Which he did to aplomb. He ended up losing a massive part of his stack on day 5 to a coin flip, had it gone the other way he would have had one of those chip stacks you see on TV that you cannot fathom how they got them all. He would have been closer to the 2 million chip mark which would have provided a sweet run home as he is the consummate chip bully. I want to punch him in the face when he does it to me but then I remember him passing me an envelope with my cut of the cash once upon a time and all is forgiven in an instant.


Someone will prevail. Not sure who and I'm not sure when but ultimately. Maybe Higgo, maybe Cocco or maybe Ben. But definitely someone. At the end of the day its always about the fun.

Jules Andrews

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