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It's on! When the world is on edge might as well ruffle some feathers by winning a stupid amount of money. The "Fuck The Virus I'm Outa Here" syndicate is live and here's what it entails.

25 of 25 sold

Cost per share $40
Who can enter? LVC and partners 
When does it kick off? Monday 6th July
What does it cover? All 4 weeks and 4 lotto's for $40
System 8 x 3  runs for 3 weeks (cost $95.40)
Maxi 50 game runs for 3 weeks (cost $198.60)
Powerhit x 3 runs for 3 weeks (cost $218.70)
Mega 25 game runs for 3 weeks (cost $90.90)
6 entries for both WED & FRI draws runs for 4 weeks (cost $240)
4 entries for both TUE & THU draws runs for 4 weeks (cost $160)
TOTAL OUTLAY $1003.60 = 25 shares available @ $40 each 
Now you should probably read the fine print as it's awesome. It would be incredible to rock up to Vegas, New York or a beachfront and have it all there for you. Just get on a plane and go...
Winnings up to $40 million -  Split evenly between the 25 shares
Winnings $40 million - $70 million. Purchase of 2 properties on LasVegas strip (approx US$4 million) to be purchased and placed in trust for use by Las Vegas Club. Remainder of funds to be divided evenly amongst shares.
Winnings $70 million - $90 million. Purchase of 1 Manhattan property (approx. US$5 million) plus Vegas properties listed above to be placed in trust for use by Las Vegas Club. Remainder of funds to be divided evenly amongst shares.
Winnings $90 million and above. Purchase of beachside property in Turks and Caicos Islands (approx US$8 million) plus above properties to be placed in trust for use by Las Vegas Club.
Lets take it down and pick up some real estate in awesome locations for use by us, and only us, for whenever, forever. These are the kind of syndicates we hear about but with maybe a little more ambition. Draws are set over repeating weeks to cover the sometimes all too inevitable jackpot.
Pictures are of the actual apartments. They are currently for sale on and are located on the 26th and 32nd floor of the same building on the strip. There is a bit of fat to cover kitting them out as 1 is empty. It's one of only 2 complexes on the strip that have apartments for sale. There is the Mandarin Oriental and Veer Towers which is shaped live a V above the Louis Vuitton shopping mall and opposite Planet Hollywood. The complex backs onto the Aria. The location and views are unparalleled.
Message me if you are in. I'll get the tickets sorted for Monday. Shoot the cash to me this week before Friday. Heres the players so far. I'll post the tickets amongst our group chat when purchased.
Share number/Player
1. Jules (PAID)
2. Jules (PAID)
3. Greco (PAID)
4. Dave (PAID)
5. Cocco (PAID)
6. Cocco (PAID)
7. Heather (PAID)
8. Michael (PAID)
9. Tate (PAID)
10. Higgo (PAID)
11. Chris (PAID)
12. Chris (PAID)
13. Alex (PAID)
14. Alex (PAID)
15. Anthony (PAID)
16. Anthony (PAID)
17. Zoe (PAID)
18. Kjell (PAID)
19. Scott (PAID)
20. Nick (PAID)
21. Ben (PAID)
22. Ben (PAID)
23. Jules spare ticket (PAID)
24. Jules spare ticket (PAID)
25. Jules spare ticket obo LVC (PAID)
(properties ain't gonna maintain themselves)
Includes taxes/cleaners/renovations/insurance/toys/legal/vehicles
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