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Close but no cigar at Event 13 Crown Poker Championships

Looks like 2nd will have to do for me at the Crown Poker Championship's Event 13. I put my $400 over the counter for what was my first tournament at crown in a long while and knuckled down for the 11 hour journey to the heads up play.

Well done to Changsheng Lo for taking it out after a 35 minute heads up battle. I had more than one occasion to eliminate him most notably when all in post flop I had QJ v his J7 as the board ran out J 10 6. Of course a 7 on the turn and a K for the river meant he doubled up. The other opportunity I had to take him out was when he was in the toilets at the break but in Victoria I believe murder is illegal and not in the best interests of the game.

The trophy looked sexy as, and mentally I had dusted a space off my display shelf in my lounge. It was not of any particularly amazing design but moreover a trophy I did not have to design and pay for. Haven't had that since the inception of theBSOP back in 2008 when Ben had the great idea to introduce trophies to our game while in its infancy. It's a bit like food... If someone else makes it, it always seems to taste better.

The final hand was my KQ v his A2 all in preflop. He spiked his A on the turn but was already way ahead unless one of the royal family came to town. I looked up to the poker gods and they simply replied "negative ghost rider the pattern is full". So with that losing hand it was over but I took heart in knowing that the poker gods have watched Top Gun.

With all due respect, the poker gods have a sick sense of humour, But it's why we love the game. GG all and good tournament by Crown. Big shoutout to Cocco for giving me the heads up the day before because without him I would have not been anywhere near the casino on that fine autumn day.

Roll on Las Vegas.

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