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New 2 day event format set for quality field.

With the field confirmed it's set to kick off at the Castle Hotel in North Melbourne this Friday night with the remaining 10 players on the final table resuming on Sunday. With most having eyes on the 1st place of the top 4 paid positions some will take a shine to the trophy up for grabs. The first of its kind for the BSOP it's all set for kick off with cards in the air at 6pm sharp on Friday 20th May. Best of luck to all the runners!

They are as follows:

1. Scott

2. Michelle

3. Heather

4. Alex

5. Karl

6. Rob

7. Owen 8. Ben Y

9. Cyril

10. Tate

11. Leo

12. Huy

13. Dan H

14. Anne Marie

15. Chris B

16. Ben S

17. Kjell

18. Dave S

19. Dave W

20. Jules

Tables will be decided on the day with 10 players per table. Playing down to last 10 however if a table his 5 remaining then they will bag up their chips and call it a day. If in the event that 6 go out on one table then the remaining table will pay down to the last 6 to keep the final table at 10.

$200 buy in (300k chips)

$100 rebuy (300k chips) (either rebuy or add on but not both and only 1)

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