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Big movers and shakers early on feature table, table 2 slow to kick off in BSOP Uber Deep stack.

The feature table saw Leo and Dave W take a firm grip as they cut their way down to 5. Some big hands along with some crazy calls have left some eliminated and others with a mountain of chipolas.Table 2 watched the paint dry as there were some early moves which saw only one eliminated with someone commenting "folding is the new raise" which was well in fashion. Chris leads the table with Owen a little off the pace in 2nd and it all to do on day 2. The final shove from Dan was pre-flop with KhQh v AsQc of Chris. The board runs out J25 rainbow with a turn 6 and river 10 leaving nothing for Dan. It was a frustrating day for Dan, running into flopped monsters with legitimate hands.

So it's all set for a big clash on Sunday kicking off at 12 noon for table 2. Blinds will be 20k/40k until the final 5 reveal themselves. Table one will settle into a light lunch and a delicate order of aperitifs while awaiting the final table.

Once final table hits the blinds will be wound back a level or 3 and the one hour levels will add a new flavour of patience and timing for the final 10. With the top 4 getting paid there will still be six smiles upside down at the end of the day. I imagine I will hear "oh well it's now or never" a few times as the blinds and antes raise the heat on the short stacks.

Current chip counts:

2,819,000 - Leo (1)

2,039,000 - Dave W (1)

1,594,000 - Chris (2)

1,286,000 - Anne Marie (1)

1,177,000 - Michelle (1)

1,166,000 - Owen (2)

1,007,000 - Kjell (2)

1,000,000 - Heather (2)

930,000 - Jules (2)

881,000 - Tate (2)

770,000 - Rob (2)

685,000 - Cyril (1)

446,000 - Alex (2)

247,000 - Dave (2)

Final payouts are:

1st $2,320

2nd $1,740

3rd $1,160

4th $580

Good luck to all on Sunday the 22nd of May in what is a very pleasant format of game that is liked by all.

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